Boys golf team overcomes challenges

by Ben Vos

The golf season kicked off on March 20 at the Bos Landen golf course with 12 students participating. The season’s start is exciting, but also presents one difficulty for the team. “Our team’s biggest challenge this season is trying to improve quickly at the beginning of the season. We have our first meet earlier than normal, so we’ll have to be ready quick,” said coach Jim Dingeman.

The first meet was Friday, March 31, at the Norwalk Invitational where the Eagles placed seventh. This early date gave the team very little practice time. Despite these challenges, the golf team will be trying their hardest to make up for lost time with good leaders. “I’m going to be looking to our seniors for leadership this year. Our most seasoned golfers are our seniors and we need them to lead the team with their work ethic,” said Dingeman.

A new issue has arisen amongst the golf team as well. There has not been enough interest the past couple years for a women’s golf team to form, but some PC ladies did desire to be on a golf team this spring. To meet this request, the boys’ team invited girls to join their team. No girls ended up on the team this year, but it may happen next year.

“If they can help the team, they definitely should be allowed to play. There is no girl’s golf team, so what other choice do they have?” said senior Kenden Veenstra

Many spring sports are offered to students, but golf proves to be the favorite pick of members on the golf team. “I’ve been playing golf since I was young and it’s fun,” said Veenstra.

Playing golf on the team also proves to be a very good and unique opportunity for players money-wise. “Normally you have to pay a lot in the summer to play, but during the golf season it’s much less expensive,” said Veenstra.

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