PC’s spring production brings lots of laughs

by Kathryn Van Tuyl



Junior Alexis De Vries and seniors James Beyer and Ryan Howey converse on the stage, causing audience laughter and many lasting smiles.

The weekend of March 24 and 25 was filled with laughter, both found in the stars of PC’s Spring Production Fools and in those who were in the auditorium seats. A production that was on director Marlo Van Peursem’s wait list for a decade, Fools finally became a reality.

The production featured seniors Ryan Howey and Jalayna Morgan as two of the lead characters. Set in a small 19th century village in Russia, Howey’s character, Dr. Leon Tolchinsky, falls madly in love with Morgan’s character, Sophia Zubritsky, despite her and her entire town being cursed with eternal stupidity. Leon must break the curse before he falls victim to the dumbness as well as his love. Although the plot doesn’t exactly show it, the play is filled with clever humor and laughs.

“We had strong talent and they were able to pull it together in only four days after Spring Break,” said Van Peursem. “It was such a fun comedy, a great way to end the theatre season at PC!”

Along with the script itself, the set proved very entertaining, modeled after the pages in a book.
“I believe that the Spring Play went very well considering all the challenges we faced throughout the practices,” said student director/production coordinator Ben Vos. “We had a really interesting set this year that proved very complicated, but it was pulled off perfectly. In the end, our performances went off without a hitch and all went very well.”

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