Have you ever…experienced a tornado?

by Claire Milligan


April showers bring May flowers, or is it wind and thunder? The season of spring doesn’t just bring sun and blossoms, but also storms and tornadoes as well. Many students have experienced a variety of storms, including tornadoes.

When a tornado siren goes off, sometimes it interrupts an entertaining evening. Senior Ryan Howey said,“When I went to see Kung Fu Panda at the movie theatre, there was a tornado, so I hid in the bathroom. I’ve never been scared of them. I used to want to be a meteorologist/storm chaser.”

An eventful day could’ve also been ruined for sophomore Cameron Rozendaal as he experienced beauty before a storm. “It was my birthday and I was really young. The sky was a beautiful orange, so my brothers told me that there was going to be a bunch of tornadoes around us. It freaked me out because it was my birthday. I really didn’t want to spend my birthday in the basement,” he said.

Sometimes people don’t take weather warnings seriously until the house starts to shake. “Sam Lensing and I were playing NBA 2k17 just recently and then there were reports of a tornado touching down by Knoxville and was coming across the lake,” said senior Samuel Dahm. “We decided to keep playing, and a few minutes later, the doors started banging and the house started shaking. At this point we got a little scared and hid. Then we went back to 2k17, and I beat Sam pretty good.”

It’s amazing how much damage a tornado can really cause. Senior Kyle Sneller experienced this first hand. “It wrecked our machine shed and silo, couple other buildings, too. Good thing for insurance,” he said.

Senior Andrea Carballo also witnessed the aftermath of a tornado. “ I was at the Lensing’s house for mock trial practice. The tornado hit really close because it destroyed their playground! It was sort of scary, but for the most part it was pretty cool,” she said.

Senior Leonardo Bentivoglio experienced the damage that a storm can cause. “I was at the beach and the weather changed suddenly with dark clouds. My parents asked me to get out of the water. It took me a gap of 50 seconds for me to get out. After two minutes, severe thunderstorms were affecting the region at the beach that we were at. Luckily, no one got electrocuted or hurt. There were damages in some villages, such as broken roof, glass broken, and destroyed lighting pools.”

When it comes to tornadoes, some people just have it all together. Though they may be terrified, they are always prepared. “I hate tornadoes. They’re scary and cause major damage,” said sophomore Taryn Hugen. “I have an emergency bag for tornadoes. I always grab it if the sirens go off. And then we have to go down to the basement. It has flashlights, a water bottle, band aids.”


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