Baseball practices begin with 11 returning Varsity players

by Kathryn Van Tuyl

We all look forward to summer: sleeping in, lots of time with friends and family, and the summer baseball season. Unable to wait until regular season games, PCs baseball boys have already been preparing in the pre-season with a Spring League team. But with practices for the summer season already having started, the team is eager to start playing on those warm summer nights. Having 11 returning varsity players, 6 of them seniors, the team expects a good year for PC.

“There are a lot of things we look forward to this season,” said senior Isaac Vander Hart. “Everyone on the team gets along really well, and there’s a great feeling of camaraderie. I think we all look forward to playing together again.”

However, with strengths comes things to work on. On some teams, the weaknesses are found on the field, but some are found in the player’s mindsets.

“One thing I think we could certainly work on is the amount of pressure we put on ourselves,” said senior Scott Haveman. “We feel great in practice, but when we near a game, there are some overwhelming nerves that sometimes psych us out, so learning to control that would prove as a benefit to our team and the way we play.”

As new faces will be seen on the team, varsity veterans have been proving very good leaders in practice, both teaching and having fun with the underclassmen.

“I think all the seniors are pretty good leaders during practices,” said senior Wyatt Terpstra. “We all get along and look forward to being together, so I think that sets a good example for the younger guys. Junior Kade Vander Molen also shows a lot of leadership on the team, and it’s just really cool to see everyone working together.”

Regular season kicks off on May 23 at home with a game against Pleasantville.

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