Golf season continues in full swing

by Lauren Gustafson

The golf season continues in full swing with the team taking the wins with the losses. Though it has been a challenging season, the members like having a home course close to the school. Traveling isn’t an issue and players often don’t get home late, as opposed to traveling to meets. Bos Landen is used by many different people but is kept up nice, despite having its challenges, players enjoy their time on the course.

In his last year of high school golf, senior team leader Graham Howerzyl reflects on his time on the team. ¨I always enjoy our home meets at Bos Landen, it’s by far the nicest but also hardest course we play,¨ said Howerzyl. ¨I like the challenge I face every time I play Bos, yet also the familiarity I have with the course.¨

Few players on the the team this season play at the varsity level; even though six are allowed to play, PC only competes with five because of the lack of experience on the team. The low numbers of players is a challenge the team has to overcome.

But players still appreciate the team. ¨We have guys that care about the team and want to improve,¨ said Howerzyl. ¨The guys have good attitudes and are always looking to improve their game.¨

The golf team will play at Districts at Panorama on May 19.

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