2017 Band Trip Highlights

by Michael Munoz



PC band students go on a trip every two years. This year students participated in the Dordt College Band Festival, where the band is introduced to Dordt College’s band program. They were able to cooperate with other school bands in an immense performance.

Band director Mrs. Dykstra organizes the band trip to further the students’ music educational experience outside the walls of PCHS. “We take all of our band trips to encourage students to continue playing their instruments after high school.  It’s important for our students to see the Dordt College band or the Trinity College band, which we did two years ago,” she said.

Some PC musicians will be continuing their musical talents in the future, according to  Dykstra. “This year, we have four seniors continuing their band experiences in college and all four have band scholarships,” she said.

Listening to other bands and playing in mass band were memorable experiences. “We watched a lot of other bands play, and eventually played with them in a band of around 500 people. It was a really neat experience,” explained sophomore Levi Jansen.

Kyle Howey described how it helped him improve as a musician also. “We had many different practices with different groups of people. We had small sections with people who played the same instrument and even had our own special conductors to help us. It was really helpful!”

After the Dordt performance, the band went to Omaha for some fun and games to celebrate a successful band season. In Omaha they enjoyed a multitude of places, including The Amazing Pizza Machine with two hours of unlimited food and games, Defy Gravity Trampoline Park for two hours of jumping, and many more events like laser tag and shopping at Westroads Mall. With all of this, along with a few nights in Embassy Suites, the entire trip only cost the band students $100 dollars each, thanks to the Bluegrass and BBQ fundraiser held in December.

Students enjoyed many aspects of the Omaha attractions. Sophomore Jaed VanMaanan’s favorite event was at Defy Gravity, where he “finally won dodge ball.” At the Amazing Pizza Machine, sophomores Levi Jansen and Kyle Howey enjoyed “playing a Luigi’s Mansion game in the arcade.” Freshman Aubrey Belzer described the pizza place as “Chucky Cheese on steroids.”

Not everyone enjoyed the Amazing Pizza Machine the most, as freshman Annaliese Admiraal said her favorite activity was “running around the hotel because it was huge!” Something that wasn’t so fun, though, was “running out of the hotel at 6:45 in the morning because of a fire alarm.”

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