Students share their eclipse experiences

by Jared DeVries


“I was at home with the glasses and looked at the sun, which looked like the moon. I also used binoculars and projected the sun onto paper through the binoculars. That was a really good way to see it too.” –sophomore Abigail Gosselink







“The teachers all watched the eclipse during our first day of teacher orientation.  Mr. Beekhuizen got special glasses for everyone to use, and we spent about a half hour watching.  During its peak, the clouds thinned enough that we all got a good view.”  –principal Dan Van Kooten








“I drove down with my mom to a festival in Beatrice, Nebraska, to watch the eclipse. We took a shuttle bus to a national monument and were surprised at how many people and booths were there. We found out later that more than 10,000 people had attended! It was beautiful, moving, and life-changing.” –senior Andrea Freeman







“Well, I tried to see the eclipse, but ended up just getting some really pretty pictures of the clouds. But then I went to the NASA website, and got to watch the eclipse like 5 times.” –senior Bethany Wilson







“Me and my dad drove down to Missouri to get to the path of totality. It was really cool because the moon was literally completely blocking out the sun, and it looked like night and sunset everywhere on the horizon. The stars came out. It was awesome.” –senior Nick Theune







“I was in Illinois, just south of Carbondale, at my sister’s in-law’s. We saw the total eclipse, and it was really cool.” –junior Jaed Van Maanen








“I was in Missouri and it was super cloudy.  We planned the trip and tried to work around clouds but still had them.  It got as dark as night so it was still worth it.” –junior Will Dembski







“I stood outside on my deck with a piece of paper and a note card since I didn’t have glasses but it was too cloudy to see anything. It made me glad I live in the country so I didn’t look like an idiot to all of my neighbors.” –sophomore Emily Van Beek

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