PC’s volleyball team gears up for a bright season

by Claire Milligan


PC’s volleyball team started the year off  with a record of 2-4 so far, with 3 of those losses to top 4A and 5A teams. Seniors Bekah Horstman, Sarah Posthuma, Sophie Howerzyl, and Raeann Fopma lead the team as their captains.

With a total of 13 girls playing for varsity, a starting line up gets tricky. “We have many good players, so allotting playing time is a challenge,” said head coach John Evenhouse. “Some good players may not get to play as much as they hoped.”

According to Evenhouse, the girls have developed many strengths. “We hit well and are starting to block and serve better as well as setting the ball,” said Evenhouse. As friendships grow while they play, they’ve  grown off the court as well. “We’ve all gotten really close this year. We used to be groups of friends, but now we’re all together and it’s really great,” commented Fopma.

The players encourage each other through no matter the circumstance. “We’ve always been good at picking each other up,” said Horstman.

However with strengths also come weaknesses and challenges. “One thing we can always work on is serve receive, as well as defense,” said Horstman. “We can always work to improve on that.”

According to Evenhouse, conference play is looking good. “We are 1-1 with our loss to Pella, who may win the conference. We want to finish in the top 4, or as high as possible,” he said.

The team is working hard to meet many goals this season that can lead them to be the absolute best they can be. “Keeping our energy up is a always a big goal, especially in big games. Mental toughness is also very important,” said Horstman.

Every year the team has a new theme. This year the theme is “More Than Conquerors” and it comes from Romans 8:37. “Through the strengths and challenges we have this year we can know that God is always with us and we can take challenges head on,” said Horstman.

“We want to do more than just win volleyball games, we want to grow in our faith,” said Evenhouse.

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