Upperclassmen participate in the construction of a house

by Paul Attema


A group of five upperclassmen under the direction of Building Trades teacher Paul Monsma, are helping construct a 1300-square-foot house with a two-car garage for an elective class during seventh and eighth period  each school day. These students are learning valuable life lessons, while also funding future PCGS goals. “The project was started by the Little Eagle Group to try to help make money for the Christian Grade School building fund,” said Monsma.

Although the date of completion is not yet known due to the variables of weather and labor, the foundation and frame of the house are already completed. Since the beginning of the school year, students have been helping the construction crew by creating headers and doing some work on the main frame of the structure. Lots of work has been done on these phases of the building process, but now students are moving on to different parts as well. “This past week we laid the subflooring down on the stud floor for the second story. We also helped staple particle board up to the outside of the house,” said junior Jacob Kelderman.

While subjects like writing, math, and science might be the focus for a majority of PC students, this elective class has the potential to have a major effect. Students who are taking this class enjoy the atmosphere outside of the classroom, as well as the on-the-job training opportunity. “I enjoy the project because it is something that gets us out of the classroom and doing something that is hands-on. It also teaches us skills that can be used in many applications later in life,” said junior Kevin Kuiper.


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