Students express feelings about fall

by Mary Kate Bandstra /

“What is your favorite food, activity, or aspect of fall?



Junior Moises Carballo: “My favorite thing about fall is the leaves falling from the trees. When I first arrived to the United States, a kid told me that it was a fall tradition to eat the orange dried leaves. I believed him, later finding out that he was tricking me. To this day, I still eat them though…I grew to love the taste of leaves.”





Teacher Keith Anderson: “DA BEARS.”







Senior Hannah De Bruin: “Harvest, bonfires, and Grandma’s apple cider.”







Sophomore Bradyn Zula: “My favorite activity of fall is all the football I get to watch on the weekends. It is a release of stress and energy point.”






Freshman Ellie Brouwer: “I love all the colors of the trees and the slightly chilly weather.”






Senior Thomas Dykstra: “Apple Cider.”







Senior Raeann Fopma: “I love everything about fall. I can’t choose a favorite. Basically if the month of October was a person, we’d be besties.”







Senior Jared De Vries: “I like leaves.”








Junior Megan Eveland: “Pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spice lattes…”








Freshman Justin Horn: “BONFIRES ARE LIFE.”








Sophomore Cheyenne Collins: “Riding in the combine and eating candy corn.”







Junior Michael Munoz: “Rolls at Thanksgiving. They good.”

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