The most popular student names at PC

by Mary Kate Bandstra /

With a total of 286 kids at PC, there are more repeated first names than one would think. The most popular student names are spread amongst the four grade levels and cause expected confusion during the school day.

According to, Emma has been the number one most popular girl name since 2014. Emma is also the most popular name at PCHS, with six girls sharing it. This is bound to cause confusion, right? “It is indeed very confusing! A lot of times people say ‘Emma,’ and I turn and look for who’s talking to me, but they were never talking to me in the first place,” said junior Emma Stravers.

The situation becomes more confusing when there is more than one Emma in a class. For example, fifth period Algebra II has a total of three Emmas. “My Algebra ll class has three of us, so it can get confusing. Thankfully it’s usually not me that Mr. Hessing is calling on,” commented sophomore Emma Dunsbergen.

Emma isn’t the only popular name at PC. Abby comes in second with a total of five girls. Although most of these Abbys are spelled in a different way, confusion still occurs. “It gets confusing when a teacher says, “’Abbie read this,’ and two Abbies start reading,” said sophomore Abbie Altena.

Two Abbys in PC not only have the same first name, but their last names are identical as well. Sophomore Abby Gosselink and senior Abbi Gosselink share the same name. Senior Abbi Gosselink commented: “There have been confusions during school, especially with the other Abby Gosselink because we have the exact same name.”

Certain confusions have occurred during the school day mixing these Abby/Abbis up. “One time early last year, I was put on the PASS list, and it was for Abbi Gosselink, not me, Abby Gosselink. Since there is only a one letter difference in our names, it is easy for people to get us mixed up,” said sophomore Abby Gosselink.

Not only are their names the same, but their moms share the same name as well: Barb Gosselink. “Our mom’s names are both Barb, so a lot of times I will get emails that are for Abbi; I would even get them when I was in middle school,” added Abby Gosselink.

On the guy’s side of names, Josh tallies in with five students, and the name Jayden belongs to three junior boys. “It occasionally gets confusing if there’s multiple of us in a class. We all sit by each other in 7th period chemistry, and when the teacher says ‘Jayden’ we usually have to ask which one,” commented Jayden Veenstra.

Despite the ongoing confusion, students with the same name, as well as their friends, have found nicknames to separate one another. Some use their last names as substitutes. “In sports I am called Em, Huisman, Huis, or Ice, anything other than Emma,” said Emma Huisman.

Some first names aren’t even used. Jaydon Vande Noord is referred to by “Noord” around school. The two junior Noah’s go by Cooper and Treimer, so their first names are rarely used by their peers. Then there is Jayden Veenstra, who goes by a nickname that dates back to middle school football. “I normally go by Buzz here at school,” he said. “Even some teachers call me by it.”


Back : Freshman Emma Doland, sophomore Emma Kolb, senior Emma Keuning, sophomore Emma Dunsbergen, and juniors Emma Huisman and Emma Stravers

Front: Sophomores Abbie Altena and Abby Gosselink, senior Abbi Gosselink, and juniors Abby Te Grotenhuis and Abby Ambroson


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