140 or less: Student Tweets

by Mary Kate Bandstra / marband19@pceagles.org


I just placed an open glass of grape juice on the nice carpet so I guess you could say I’m living on the wild side.” –senior Mikala Lanferman / @MikalaLanferman


“Someone pls come watch Halloweentown with me and bake those little pumpkin cookies!!!!” -sophomore Kennedy Patterson / @KennedyPatt20


“Is it just me or does anyone else take videos of themselves sneezing just to see how dumb they look?” -junior Sawyer Meinders / @sawyer_meinders


“If you don’t go to El Charro or Oriental and get the same thing every time wyd???” -senior Makenna Van Dyke / @makenna_paige_


“Procrastinating a speech on procrastination…ironic.” -senior Hayden Vroom / @HaydenVroom


“You know freshman are doing digital literacy when your instagram feed is full of artsy memory verses.” -junior Claire Milligan / @ClaireMillyyy


“*at xc meet*
Random coach: good job
Me: u too:)
Why am I like this”

-freshman Emma Kolb / @emmahhhhhhhhhh


“Not knowing English all my life, I recently just found out that “so many stuff” is grammatically incorrect 😐” -junior Moises Carballo / @lil_cheeto44 


“Just because I’m Amish doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.” -sophomore Blake Veenstra / @BlakeVeenstra


“I don’t know what’s more awkward…waiting for someone to walk across the parking lot or someone waiting for you to walk across.” -senior Amanda Harrill / @amanda_harrill


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