Student share diverse views on Halloween

by Jared DeVries

“My house is probably the only house on the block with Halloween lights and inflatable characters out on the lawn. I don’t like Halloween, but I am outvoted in my house so we celebrate it anyway.” –junior Lauren Gustafson





“It’s different every year, really. When I was a kid I went to the Reformation Celebration at PCGS, and other times I trick or treated. Nowadays I just try to steal some of my sister’s candy.” –senior Sarah Posthuma





“I don’t celebrate it because it’s an obsolete holiday that has been recently perverted to be a celebration of depraved shameless promotion of cheap products. Instead I care to celebrate Reformation Day!” –junior Nicholas Stoltzfus





“We don’t celebrate it because my parents don’t agree with the origins, so I was raised that way.” –senior Kandace Hofman






“I go to my friend Mitaya’s house, and we hand out candy and scare the kids.” –senior Ryan Van Gilst






“Growing up, I would go trick-or-treating and would watch Disney scary movies. Now that I’m older, I still like watching Halloween movies and carving pumpkins. I like how the season feels, and I don’t think that liking Halloween makes you any less of a Christian.” –senior Alexis De Vries





“My family chooses not to celebrate Halloween because it is a representation of the Devil.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for fun; what matters is the reason and how it came to be.” –freshman Katherine Wielard





“I celebrate Halloween by staying home and watching the World Series.” –junior Brett Natelborg






“I do not celebrate Halloween because it is the devil’s holiday. When kids come knocking on our door we throw potatoes at them. I urge you to throw potatoes at children on Halloween. That is the only way to spread the gospel. Only pagans give out candy instead of potatoes.” –sophomore Sienna Attema





“I dress up and go out trick or treating with my friends and family if they can go. I mostly go with my little cousins, because it is fun to see what they are, and also I get to scare them sometimes if they are not paying any attention. I also get to protect them from anything that I think is dangerous.” –freshman Lindsey Jansen

One thought on “Student share diverse views on Halloween

  • November 2, 2017 at 2:45 am

    Before I came here I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t celebrate Halloween, I find it really really strange that people are so anti-Halloween here! Like for real what is the big deal? Its a holiday loosen up and go get some free candy!


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