Students look forward to weekly activities

by Bethany Spencer

Autumn is a busy time of year at PC, with many extracurriculars and homework. Students’ opinions vary, but each has something they look forward to every week.

The weekend is popular, with 37% of students saying they look forward to Friday most each week. “I look forward to the weekend because that is when I lay around and do nothing,” said sophomore Sienna Attema.

Hanging out with friends is the most anticipated part of the week for 22% of students. “I hang out with friends at McDonald’s,” said junior Morgan Fopma.

Extracurriculars such as sports and theatre are the activities that 15% of students agree they look forward to most. “I look forward to cheer and drill team practices because I get to spend time doing something I love with people I love,” said junior Taryn Hugen.

For senior Bethany Wilson, sports take a backseat to the arts. “Theatre is a great way for me to spend time with people who enjoy the arts like I do. I think that everyone should try theatre at least once in their high school career, because it is a really fun way to express yourself, and make new friends,” said Wilson.

Other anticipated activities include sleep, free time, and homework or classes. “I love the satisfaction of knowing I have all of my homework done each night,” said junior Natasha Smith.

The free time after completing homework is in short supply, according to senior Andrea Freeman. “I look forward to my limited free time when I don’t have to do anything,” said Freeman.

Junior Nicholas Stoltzfus agrees. “I use my free time to catch up on my video game backlog,” he said.

Some students say that church or youth group is the highlight of their week “I look forward to church mainly because of the worship service,” said sophomore Austin Dart, “When we worship, I can feel His presence in the room. Just as Matthew 18:20 says, ‘When two or three gather in My name, there I am with them,’ I can tell He is there when I worship Him in church, among not just two or three, but hundreds of other people gathered in His name. I look forward to youth group because we get many chances to serve other people, which spreads the love that Jesus Christ has given us.”

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