PC students take time out of their day to save 93 lives

by Claire Milligan


Junior Michael Munoz participates in the blood drive on Thursday November 2 by graciously donating his blood to save lives. LifeServe, a blood donation center from Des Moines, was in charge of the event. After a late start due  to mechanical issues on the bus, 31 donors w ere still able to participate in the drive. However, international students as well as students that have travelled to Haiti are unable to donate this year because of a change in the international travel policy. After a student has donated, STUCO members help to provide snacks and assist them to the door. According to LifeServe, the 31 donors that gave blood on Thursday will impact the lives of 93 people who need blood. “Giving blood truly does save lives, and I am so thankful that we have a student body, community and school that is willing to take the time and effort to give blood and help others,” said guidance counselor Brad Engbers.

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