Van Peursem celebrates 125th production with his production of Les Mis

by Claire Milligan

From PC’s Theatre Troupe production of Les Miserables, the revolutionary students p lan their uprising in “The ABC Cafe.” Les Miserables director Marlo Van Peursem’s 125th production,  was celebrated with a standing ovation after the last performance and a reception for alumni from past productions before the performance. “It was a very humbling experience, an d it was fun to see so many past cast members,” commented Van Peursem. Although the fire alarms in the auditorium  had been disabled for the stage effect fog, some fog still managed to seep into the costume room, setting off the smoke alarms  during Saturday night’s performance. Even with the significant interruption, the students’ hard work paid off. The musical also broke Box Office sales records, beating last year’s performance of Peter Pan  far number of seats sold and people attending . “Performing in front of large crowds can be absolutely nerve wrecking. But once you get over that, it is easy to play off the audience. Their laughter and applause gives you the energy to go the extra mile,” said senior Thomas Dykstra. “I am so insanely proud of the Les Mis cast, it was an honor to collaborate with them and share our talents with the public.”

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