Parks and Recreation vs The Office

by Hannah Van Sant

Have you ever had to decide between two shows? In this case, The Office and Parks and Recreation aka Parks and Rec are two beloved shows that people usually have to decide between and/or have debates over.

The Office had 9 seasons with 201 episodes in total while Parks and Recreation had 7 seasons with 125 episodes in total. All of their episodes are between 22 and 30 minutes long. They’re both available on Netflix.

The Office is about the everyday lives of a group of paper company employees who work for a manager named Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell. The humor is often captured in facial expressions and iconic lines.

Parks and Rec is about a peppy, go-getter director of the Parks and Recreation Department named Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, who lives in a small town of Indiana. Her goal is to make the town a better place by building more parks and getting involved in the community. Leslie’s department consists of diverse characters with different values and views.

Both shows share a few similar elements. The shows are set up like a documentary where the characters know that the camera’s there, and they talk to the camera sometimes. All characters have their own quirks, so it makes the show more entertaining. Also, both shows have their share of awkward and sometimes, cringey moments.

The PC student body and staff expressed their opinion on each show. According to a recent survey, more PC students watch The Office than Parks and Recreation. However, some students watch both shows.

Many students prefer The Office. “I have rewatched The Office more than three times. It’s one of those shows that has non-stop comedy and constant entertainment,” said junior Claire Milligan. “It has both comedy and drama as well as a love story that makes me want to rewatch it over and over.”

Others chose The Office because of certain characters. “The Office is better because of Jim and Pam,” said senior Mara Juffer, referring to their relationship in the show.

A few prefer Parks and Rec. “The Office is super overrated, and everyone watches it,” said senior Bethany Wilson. “Also, who doesn’t love Ron Swanson?”

Some students would like to see a clash show, one that merges two television shows into one. You could say that it’s the best of both worlds. “I love Ron Swanson, April, and Andy, but Pam and Jim are goals,” said sophomore Breauna Doland. “If there was a clash show, I’d be all over it.”

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