Field trips provide students with unique learning opportunities

by Jared DeVries

Most students can agree that field trips are one of the most entertaining parts of school. Leaving the building and visiting interesting places can be one of the most educational aspects of the students’ educations. Teachers at PC have been taking their students on variety of trips to exciting locations this semester.

One recent excursion was the visit to Northwestern College in St. Paul on November 10 and 11 for international students with Spanish teacher Joni Van Der Pol. The purpose of the trip was to allow ISP students to experience Christian education in America at a college level. During the trip, they learned about the college application process and interacted with college students and professors. The students enjoyed seeing the snow- some for the first time-shopping at the Mall of America, and connecting with each other. “Seeing snow for the first time was amazing, and I’ll never forget about it,” said junior Isabela Ferreira. “The snow is so beautiful!”

Another out of classroom experience for students was in Biology II. Science teacher Audra Faber has organized a project  in which students work in small groups to make a presentation and share it with the residence of the WesleyLife Cottages. Some of the topics for the presentations this year have included carnivorous plants, migration of geese and ducks, Iowa fish, and Arctic life.

These groups have been visiting the cottages for the past few months. “I think the most valuable part of this project is having the opportunity to develop and practice important communication skills for a real audience, in a real world setting,” said Faber. The Biology II class also goes on field trips to see different types of gardens.

One recent field trip was for the Spanish 3 students. On December 4, Spanish teacher Jason Noble took his students to Pella Christian Grade School. There his students read fairy tales that they wrote in Spanish to the Spanish Immersion kids. Noble believes that this helps students take the project more seriously, because they know other kids will see it. “It’s a good real life application of the assignment, and it’s cool to see the immersion kid’s using their Spanish,” said Noble. “It also helps strengthen the bond between PCHS and PCGS.”

Several other field trips have taken place this semester. Science teacher Greg Beekhuizen also took his Physical Science to Vermeer for their annual manufacturing day. “I hope that my students learned that there are many careers available in manufacturing and also the importance of math and science,” said Beekhuizen.

The Child Development class also went on a field trip with family consumer science teacher Jan Blunck to the OB Department at the Pella Regional Hospital. The students wrote down questions for Carrie Kelderman, a former student of Blunck and current OB nurse. Kelderman took them on a tour of the hospital and answered many of their questions. “The textbook does a great job explaining many topics, but to actually see the hospital room and the equipment is something you can’t read in the book,” said Blunck.

Social studies teacher Larry Eggink has taken his Comparative Religions class on a field trip as well. The students visited the Des Moines area to see a Hindu temple north of Granger. They toured the temple and were able to question a Hindu Priest. “You can read about these religions in books, but actually going there helps students see them in practice,” said Eggink.


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