Dordt College awards PC photographers

by Paul Attema

PC students placed 1st and 2nd place in the annual Dordt College photo competition. Freshman Ian Stravers placed 1st and senior Paul Attema placed 2nd for the contest with the theme of “All Creatures Look to You.”

“Spun​ ​to​ ​Perfection” by Ian Stravers

This spiderweb is merely the beginning of the amazing works God has created for us.

God created the dew to feed the grass each morning. He created spiders to masterfully spin

webs and make marvels out of silk. He created the sun to warm the earth, to give life to plants

and animals, to give us light to see and provide energy in multitudes of ways. God created the

trees to give us and the plants oxygen to grow spices and give food to the insects. He gave us

fields to grow food to fuel our bodies. Most of all God gave us this earth with every one of these

items in it, and they all work together. God produced every one of these necessities for us with

impeccable detail, to perfection.

“A Tenuous Search For Meaning” by Paul Attema

Faith: it is beautiful, yet fragile. It is the upward climb towards something great, but something we do not understand. At times, we can not see past the rock face, but still we do not reject the subtle inclination to wonder and direct ourselves towards that which is above. Not only do creatures look to God, but all of His creation searches for him. Life is about aligning ourselves along the precipice, and listening to God’s natural direction within us. It is about learning to grow despite the danger that surrounds us all. It is about constantly moving upwards towards a goal that we did not set, but still have within us. It is about desperately clinging to the one who brought us life because sometimes He’s the only thing around.

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