PC has high expectations for Christmas presents




“World peace (or a 4K TV..whatever is easier)” – tech coordinator Frank Vanden Bosch







“A Ninja blender for my smoothies. Yes, I am a mom.” – senior Thomas Dykstra







“A coat, a bluetooth speaker, and my parents allowing me to get a motorcycle.” – sophomore Tate Osborn




“I told my parents that all I really want are things that I need for my Haiti trip. So some sandals and skirts would be nice. Oh, and maybe some malaria pills.” – senior Bethany Wilson






“Money because I’m a poor girl who needs to go to Casey’s.” – junior Morgan Fopma






“Some Yeezys, facial hair growing cream, steroids, a girlfriend, and SpongeBob underwear.” – junior Will Dembski






“Underwear that has the days of the week stitched into the waistband so I always know what day it is.” – junior Kyle Fynaardt







“A puppy.” – freshman Morgan Heinen

One thought on “PC has high expectations for Christmas presents

  • December 15, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    I’m surprised Frank didn’t want HDR. Hmmmmmm…. Seems like an impostor.


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