New opportunities added to Winterim 2018

by Isabella Baugh

Pella Christian’s seven days of Winterim is coming right around the corner, and along with it seven new classes. Winterim is a unique opportunity following Christmas break that allows students to engage in a learning experience over a variety of topics of their choice. This year’s Winterim will now offer a new array of classes to an already wide assortment offered in previous years.

New classes this year will cover subjects such as film, entrepreneur education, radio, apologetics, and astronomy. Librarian Sheri Havemen will also be teaching the course Developing Character.  In this class students will examine films based on strong athletic characters who have overcome adversity. “Students will research the true story of an athlete who exhibited strength through adversity,” said Haveman.  “They will present information in class and the class will discuss how the person showed strength, perseverance, or fought against a social injustice. We will view the film based on the life of that individual and then reflect and write about how we can grow in this area in our own lives.”

Winterim travel is a great opportunity for students to go out and explore the vast differences in the world. Two new trips are also being added this year. Students will have the opportunity to travel to Eastern Europe and Houston, Texas.

Craig Shannon will be leading the Eastern Europe trip, and Bible teacher Joel Rietema will be taking students to Houston. “We are on a mission to bring love, restoration and a little bit of shalom with our presence and work to the people of South Texas,” said Rietema.  “It is important that we not only have faith but that we act it out.  1 John 3:18 comes to mind–’Dear children, let us love not in word and speech, but in action and truth.’  We seek to give of ourselves on behalf of others in the name of Christ.”

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