Bowling teams struggle with small numbers

by Erica Van Soelen

Although the 2017-18 bowling team has lost a few meets, the players have had a lot of fun and have greatly improved from the start of the season. “I am pleased with the progress we’ve made so far,” said Coach Rod Blunck. “There has been steady improvement.”

The team is much smaller this year with only 17 bowlers, 11 of which are seniors. One of the seniors, Jared De Vries, feels the low numbers have been a challenge. “This may be one of our tougher seasons. We have a smaller team than usual and the best players have been somewhat inconsistent at meets.”

Other than the size of the team, there have been a few other challenges that have prevented the team’s success. “I think the biggest thing we need to work on is consistency with the first shot of a frame. At times, we seem to be all over the place, which isn’t entirely uncommon. Then we need to work on what our target needs to be and how to set up for the second shot if needed,” said Blunck.

Although there have been some bumps in the road, the bowlers still like participating in the sport. “I most enjoy spending time with my teammates and just have fun during practices,” De Vries said.

No matter what the outcome of a meet is, everyone is just happy to get together and bowl. Blunck stated, “Comradery is a big part of the bowling experience and sportsmanship is very evident during all of our meets.”

Senior Roseane Meinders looks forward most to practices, “My favorite part about bowling is the practice, because all we really get to do is bowl and see what we can get. It’s all very laid back and there’s no tension if you mess up or not.”

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