Students prepare for Super Bowl Sunday

by Sienna Attema

According to a recent poll, 75% of students at PC are planning on watching the Super Bowl, although some are not happy about the participating teams. “I hope they both lose,” said senior Alex Huisman.

Some people were distraught that their team did not make it to the Super Bowl. “I will curl up in a ball and cry because the Packers are not playing. The commercials are the only thing that matter,” said sophomore Annaliese Admiraal.

PC alumni and Vikings fan Paul Attema also was distressed about the teams in the Super Bowl. “I put on sackcloth and mourn the fact that my team sucks and has never won a Super Bowl,” said Attema.

While most students care about the Super Bowl, others just do their best to forget about it and the sadness it causes. “I don’t care what team will win because I’ll be in my room listening to music trying to ignore my family yelling at the TV,” said junior Haley Albright.

Other students are still salty about the past. “I think that the Patriots are going to win because Tom Brady . . . can only win by cheating. Haters gonna hate, deflaters gonna deflate,” said senior Alex Veenstra.

But 7% of students do want the Patriots to win. “Well, my Jeep’s color is Patriot Blue Pearl… that’s pretty much what I’m going off of for the Patriots to win,” said junior Ben Vos.

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