Sophomores explore future jobs on Career Day

Lucas Bandstra

What involves seeing a veterinarian, radiologist, engineer, and author all in the same day? It’s PCHS’s Career Day. Held annually, Career Day is when sophomores begin to explore their future jobs. On January 26, the ASVAB test was taken in the morning to help show the students what subjects they’re good at. Depending on what areas they thrive in, they can essentially be matched up to certain jobs that require greater knowledge in that area. “The ASVAB is a test that the military uses to determine people’s abilities in various areas,” said guidance counselor Brad Engbers. “We can also use the test see what areas students thrive in, which can help us match them up with jobs requiring those abilities.”

After lunch, sophomores could listen to over 26 different speakers, all of whom talked about their various careers ranging from a financial advisor to a hair salon owner. Engbers appreciates the enthusiasm of the volunteers who come to speak. “I think Career Day is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to a variety of careers. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how willing our speakers are to come. That’s super encouraging. I like things that are different, which Career Day is. It’s a great time for our students to gain interest in their future careers,” said Engbers.

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