A recent win boosts the morale of PC’s boy basketball team

by Claire Milligan


The morale of the PC boys’ basketball team went from ground level to sky high January 30 as they came out with a win against the Indianola Indians. “A highlight was definitely winning five games, like the one last night (against Indianola), especially because of Jake’s buzzer beater on his birthday,” said junior Jayden Huisman.

The team’s toughest opponents have been Norwalk and Oskaloosa, who are some of Iowa’s top-ranked teams. The team has carried on with the help of their senior team leaders, Treven Cadwell and Alex Huisman. “They have continued to work hard and have stayed positive,” said PC’s boys basketball coach Larry Hessing.

With a record of 5-12 the team has had some impressive wins this season, like the victories against Ballard and DCG. It’s the strengths they acquire as a team that brought those victories. “The team’s spirit of cooperation and commitment to keep working towards improvement are great strengths of ours,” said Hessing.

The boys have also focused on improving some weaknesses that they have discovered as their season progresses. Often they struggle as a team to finish the fourth quarter well, which has led to some of their defeats. “We would like to improve at scoring,” said Hessing. “Also we need to contain drives better, and finish games well.”

Hessing has also put forth goals for the team to focus on this season such as continued improvement and a good tournament run. “We’re getting ready for the biggest Cinderella story in Pella Christian history,” said senior Treven Cadwell.

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