Binge-watching can solve spring break boredom

by Hannah Van Sant

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of March? Spring break! If you want to binge-watch a show during spring break but have absolutely no idea what show to watch, have no fear! Here are some suggestions.

If you like to keep up with the popular watching trends, Riverdale is taking everyone by storm. Why’s that? It could be because of Cole Sprouse, a Disney star from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, who plays Jughead in the show. Riverdale is a show that has characters from the Archie Comics. The show follows Archie Andrews’ life in a small town named Riverdale and exposes the darkness that lurks behind the “perfect” image of the town. According to senior Ryan Van Gilst, every episode has a plot twist and will leave you “shook.” The show is currently airing its second season on TV. Netflix has the first season with 13 episodes. The second season has 22 episodes in total. Each episode is also 42 minutes long.

             If you like watching an interesting yet entertaining show about surgeons and their lives inside and outside of the Seattle Grace Hospital, give Grey’s Anatomy a chance. Grey’s Anatomy is about a resident named Meredith Grey and her coworkers in the hospital. As the seasons progress, you will see her successes and failures as well as her coworkers’. The show is currently airing its 14th season on TV. Netflix has all 13 seasons with at least 20 episodes in each season. All episodes are 42 minutes long.

             For those who like funny in a dorky way, New Girl is the one to watch! The show follows Jessica Day aka Jess, a quirky teacher, who moves into an apartment with three guys, and an unlikely friendship forms between them. There are some awkward moments that make the show funnier. The show will air its 7th season in April on TV. Netflix has all 6 seasons with at least 20 episodes in each season. Each episode is 22 minutes long.

             The Walking Dead is a great show for action-packed fans. The show follows Rick Grimes, a former police officer in Georgia, and how he deals with the zombie apocalypse. There is one thing that makes The Walking Dead better than other zombie shows: characters and their stories. The characters’ development makes up for the gorey and sometimes, gruesome moments. As you watch this show, you will most likely root for a guy with a bow and arrows named Daryl Dixon and some relationships like Maggie and Glenn. Even though the show can be a bit long in some seasons, it is definitely worth it. The Walking Dead is currently airing its 8th season on TV. Netflix has all 7 seasons with 16 episodes in each season. All episodes range from 42 to 85 minutes long.

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