Blankets, Netflix help keep students warm

by Abbie Altena

How are you coping with the cold winter?

“Just by realizing that winter is a beautiful season that God gave us to enjoy.” – sophomore Sierra Pleima






“Constantly having socks on my feet, laying in bed 24/7, and watching netflix because what else is there to do when your fingers will fall off if you step outside.”      – sophomore Emerson Sarver





“I pretend it’s summer and go outside in swim trunks.  I’ve suffered from frostbite a few times, but you gotta fake it til you make it.” – junior Will Dembski





“Whenever I am at home, I make hot chocolate, and wrap myself up in a heat blanket so that I don’t die from hypothermia.” – senior Bethany Wilson





“I think that many Iowans are big wimps when it comes to winter. It’s going to get cold here. Deal with it. You shouldn’t have to “cope.” It’s called living in Iowa.”  – junior Ben Vos





“I try not to think about it. What I can’t see can’t hurt me. Except it can. And it does. So I’m kinda failing at coping.” – sophomore Emily Van Beek





“I have no choice. I’m stuck in school in a cramped desk in a room with a bunch of people, and being taught stuff that I don’t need in my life. So therefore I’m not coping with winter… I’m kept from it.” – junior Cameron Rozendaal





“I lay on my couch and curl up into a ball, yearning for warm weather, while trying to watch Netflix.” – freshman Emma Kolb


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