Van Beek enjoys interacting with students, teachers

by Jared DeVries

While students see her all the time at the front desk, most have no idea what she actually does every day. Finance secretary Gail Van Beek has more responsibilities than you would think, and there is also much more that students don’t know about her.

Van Beek has a lot of experience being at PC, as she graduated from PCHS in 1982. After that, she attended Dordt College where she double majored in accounting and business. “I’ve always been good at math and liked to work with numbers,” said Van Beek.

She has worked at PC for nine years now and has many responsibilities that she must complete, such as running payroll, tuition billing, counting cash boxes and offerings, sending thank-you’s for donations, paying bills, making deposits, answering the phone and door, and assisting students.

While she does not enjoy dealing with taxes, she most enjoys when she is able to interact with students and teachers and is able to get to know them better. “I loved the idea of working in a Christian community, with high school students and in the school where my kids would be attending,” said Van Beek.

In her free time, Van Beek enjoys reading and playing the piano and organ. She also enjoys spending time with her husband Paul and their five children. Four of them are PCHS alumni, while Emily Van Beek is a current sophomore at PC.

Van Beek always tries to do her job in a Christ-like manner. “I try to be honest and fair in all I do. I want all the students and parents I come in contact with to see Jesus’ love through me,” said Van Beek.  

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