Student Tweets

by Mary Kate Bandstra /

“Get me Casey’s pizza, and I’ll love you forever” -freshman Adrienne Vander Molen (@Advandermolen)

“You know it’s cold in your school when someone is walking around wearing a scarf and gloves…” -senior Jordan Van Maanen (@vanmaanenj)

It’s nights like this where I really appreciate my existence as a human being and not a chicken nugget. -junior Noah Treimer (@Treim_Time)

“*hits 51 degrees in Iowa*
Me: “Rebekah, turn on the summer jams.”” -senior Mikala Lanferman (@MikalaLanferman)

“Is it pronounced gif or gif?”  -sophomore Sierra Pleima (@siepleima)

“A cashier at Target told me that he was 7 feet tall and I was like wow yeah I noticed that already” -freshman Morgan Heinen (@morgan1heinen)

“Avery: my mom doesn’t let me sleep with pillows… she thinks I’m going to suffocate myself” -freshman Maria Heap (@heap_maria)

“If you’ve ever thought about a certain song and it miraculously starts playing when you push shuffle, you cannot tell me there isn’t a God.”  -sophomore Max Wichart (@MaxWchhart)

Jaden is trying to diet, and she just chewed up a donut and spit it out just bc she needed a taste….” -sophomore Chloe Morgan (@chlo_morg)

“If you think yellow starbursts rank below orange ones, you’re wrong.” – senior Hayden Vroom (@HaydenVroom)

“It doesn’t matter how late I wake up and how fast I need to get ready, I’m still going to take time to turn my shower jams on.” -junior Claire Milligan (@clairemilly)


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