Olympics draw student audience

by Abbie Altena


The world’s best athletes have recently met in Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Over 70% of  PC’s student body has been watching and cheering on team U.S.A. as they accumulate medals.

Students admire the passion Olympic athletes have for their sports. “The Olympics are so fun to watch. It’s so amazing to see how many different athletes around the world are so hardworking and passionate about what they do. And let’s be honest..everyone loves to cheer on Team USA!!” said senior Mikala Lanferman.

Students have enjoyed the world coming together to watch all the amazing athletes competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics and marvel at the perseverance of these athletes. “It’s crazy to see what the Olympic athletes are capable of doing. It is inspiring to see all of their hard work pay off. I also love the idea of the global community coming together enjoying a common activity,” said senior Thomas Dykstra.

Students believe that because the Olympics don’t happen annually is reason enough to watch. “It only happens once every four years so why would you just ignore it,” said freshman Elizabeth Brouwer.

The same 70% of students watching the Olympics would say that either snowboarding or figure skating is their favorite event. “I think it is amazing what one person can do on the ice,” said senior Mara Juffer. “I know how difficult ice skating is for me, so it is even more amazing to see the tricks that they can do. I also enjoy the artistic/expressive part of it, as not many sports have this aspect.”

Snowboarding is among the favorites of students because of the techniques athletes display. “All the tricks they do take so much balance to move like that in the air,” said sophomore Blake Veenstra.

Many students also enjoy the danger involved in the snowboarding competitions. “Half-pipe competition is really fun to watch because a lot of people wipeout, but if they don’t then it’s really cool and impressive,” said senior Ryan Van Gilst.

A few young American athletes competing are the same or around the age of PC students. Seeing theses athletes compete is inspiring to students. “I love to watch all of the tricks and watch the rising youth in America dominate the competitions,” said senior Colten Uitermarkt.

Many students and staff enjoy watching and cheering on American snowboarder Shaun White as their favorite athlete. In the 2018 Olympics White earned a gold medal in the men’s halfpipe competition.  “Shaun White, his moves on his snowboard have a great mix of risk and  finesse. Super fun to watch,” said principal Dan Van Kooten.

Another favorite athlete is 17-year-old American snowboard gold-medalist Red Gerard.  “I like Red Gerard and Shaun White because Red is 17 and won a gold medal, and they are both epic and insanely talented at landing sick tricks,” said junior Ivy Terpstra.


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