Conquerors program targets pornography problem

by Erica Van Soelen

A new program called Conquerors that addresses the problem of sexual addiction and pornography has been introduced at Pella Christian. Started by football coach  Rich Kacmarynski and Faith CRC youth pastor Jeremy Engbers, the group for high school guys meets every Wednesday after school. “It is aimed to help young men understand root causes of sexual addiction, give strategies and accountability to help overcome those struggles, and provide Biblical understanding of who we are as men and women in hopes of creating healthy relationships with one another,” said Engbers.

The name “Conquerors” comes from Romans 8:37 which says, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Kacmarynski and Engbers knew this group was needed because sexual addiction has become such a huge problem in our country today. According to, a cyber security site, 40 million Americans regularly visit porn sites. This is not just a secular problem. states that half of Christian men admit to struggling with it. “I wanted to make sure that the generation following mine understands the harm that pornography addiction has on us and be able to pass on strategies that I’ve learned on how to overcome these problems,” said Engbers.

One challenge of the program is that it can be difficult for people to discuss these issues because there is so much shame around it. The only way to overcome this problem is to give it to God. “The only way to beat shame is to bring it into the light and talk about it. Shame has no power in the light,” said Engbers

Kacmarynski has said that although the program is fairly new, the feedback has been positive. Senior Hayden Vroom is a small group leader and finds the program to be very promising. “I think this program is fantastic and is a great foundation for a life of purity,” he said. “It will benefit the men of PC in great ways. We will be able to understand how much it has impacted us by how we act as fathers and husbands later in life. Respect and growth is important”

Engbers and Kacmarynski are very excited to see where this program will go and are thrilled students are interested.  “For the young men who have already joined us, it’s a huge testament to them that they would show up and want to understand and get better,” Engbers said.  

They hope more students will join. “Showing up is the first step. Our ultimate goal is to help students at Pella Christian have the ability to have healthy, godly relationships today and in the future. We hope this is a start!” said Engbers.


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