New program “PC Performance” intended to increase athletic abilities

Lucas Bandstra

Bella Baugh

A new program funded by the Boosters has been added to the Pella Christian athletic department this semester. This new program, named PC Performance, is intended to build high schoolers’ athletic speed, agility, strength, and condition. The two coaches from William Penn University, Marshall Bennett and Aaron Letinski, who run the program, offer Division I experience and are excited to help high schoolers build on their athletic abilities and increase performance.

Athletic Director Dan Branderhorst believes the program is a great idea and a step in the right direction for the school.  “It is a program designed for all students at PC to maximize their performance and abilities,” he said.  Other area schools such as Pella, Oskaloosa, and Lynnville Sully have similar programs, which have all had a great amount of success in the last few years, according to Branderhorst.

The new program has two main goals. The first is to focus on injury reduction so athletes will be able to take part in their sport as long as possible by limiting time lost due to injuries. Second  is to enhance athletic performance in sports by teaching athletes how to become fully developed for the position and the sport they are in. “The main function behind the new program is to develop speed, agility, strength, and conditioning,” said Branderhorst.

According to Branderhorst, the PC performance program is really taking off with more and more kids taking part every week. “It has programs for everyone, both in season and out of season athletes. No matter what you’re involved in, I recommend giving it a try for sure,” he said.

Students’ feelings towards the program are mixed. Some think it’s a great idea, while others are disappointed with the restrictions. “I don’t like the PC performance program”, said senior Alex Veenstra, “because if you don’t participate in the program, you aren’t allowed in the weight room. Before the program, I would stay after school and lift, but now that free lifting time has been taken away.”

The advantages of PC Performance have been made apparent as well. “The new program is a great opportunity to get in the weight room and increase your athletic abilities,” said junior Moises Carballo. “I think it’s a great program to condition athletes for their sports. Football, basketball, baseball, or track, it doesn’t matter what sport, they’ll get you prepared.”

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