Theater troupe brings The Crucible to PCHS

by Bella Baugh

Pella Christian High School’s theater troupe will be bringing yet another noteworthy season to a close with their spring production of The Crucible, directed by Marlo Van Peursem. Written by the American playwright Arthur Miller comes a compelling historical parable that effectively portrays today’s contemporary society set in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.

According to Van Peursem, this play is set apart from past performances because it offers such historical accuracy. “People should come and see this play because it is a classic and is a very historical story of life during the Puritan time,” he said.

The Crucible tells the tale of Salem’s Puritan purge on witchcraft throughout the Massachusetts Bay Colony. One day the town minister Reverend Parris discovers his daughter, niece Abigail, and a group of other young girls dancing in the forest with one of the slaves. Whispers and rumors began to spread amongst those in the town, causing Abigail to be accused of practicing witchcraft. To turn the tables Abigail points the blame onto John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth. In order to determine who is truly guilty Reverend Parris calls in a Judges Danforth and Hathorne to preside a trial, and Reverend John Hale, the witchcraft specialist.

The lead roles will be played by Lindsay Breon as Abigail Williams, Ryan Van Gilst as John Proctor, Alexis De Vries as Elizabeth Proctor, Ben Vos as Reverend Parris, Braden Meinders as Judge Danforth, Colby De Vries as Judge Hathorne, Tyler Edgedale as Reverend Hale, and Abby Ambroson with the roll of Mary Warren.

According to junior Tyler Edgesdal, The Crucible is definitely a very well known story and it is a lot more intense than anything he expected the PC theater troupe to try and pull off. “I think we have pulled it together pretty well, but compared to last years play, Fools, it is a lot harder to fit together because the story is so elaborate.”

Edgesdal also said that this year the troupe has pulled a lot of new elements together as far as settings, lighting, and sound. “I would recommend that people come to watch. It is going to be a very great show, and our seniors are doing a great job of pulling it all together! The Crucible will be a completely new experience then anything you have seen from past PC theater performances,” he said.

The production of The Crucible will be held on Friday and Saturday March 23-24, at 7 p.m. in the PCHS Vermeer Auditorium. Tickets are on sale in the main school office at $6 for adults and $5 for children. To reserve tickets call 641-628-4440.

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