Reading Wednesdays provide new opportunities to read

by Jared DeVries

PCHS is constantly changing and improving, such as the Reading Wednesdays that have recently been introduced by librarian Sheri Haveman. The idea behind these days is to encourage and reinforce the primary purpose of a library: reading. Haveman hopes that this program will allow students to settle into a beanbag and have a quiet place to read. She would also like to see other ways to encourage reading brought to PC. “I would love to see us adopt a One School, One Book or a Silent Sustained Reading time,” she said.

According to Haveman, 2108 books have been checked out from PCHS this year, with 85% of them for recreational reading. Haveman believes that reading has undeniable benefits. “Reading raises test scores, increases vocabulary, reduces stress, improves focus, produces better writing skills, and I could go on and on,” she said. “While many activities are advantageous for our students, reading has the most documented benefits.”

The goal is to promote reading, increase awareness, and support the many readers we have in our school. So far, Haveman has already seen an increased number of students reading in the library, even on the other days. Some students who have rarely read earlier in the year are now reading much more because of this opportunity. “I haven’t read for fun in about fours years, so Reading Wednesdays gave me an opportunity to read and be comfortable during school hours,” said senior Colten Uitermarkt.

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