Rietemas welcome their daughter to the family

by Hannah Van Sant


Bible teacher Joel Rietema and his wife Abby along with their two boys welcome Annika.

A PC faculty member welcomed a new addition to his family on Monday, February 26 at 5:31 P.M. Bible teacher Joel Rietema’s wife, Abby, gave birth to a daughter named Annika Lynn Rietema, weighing 8 pounds and 13 ounces.

Rietema feels “elated” and “humbled” with the gift of his daughter.  “This time was really special as well, because Dr. Posthuma asked if I wanted to deliver the baby myself. I did not hesitate, because it is one of the most precious and rare opportunities in the world and is a memory that I’ll never forget,” he said.

One of the highlights of having a new baby in the house for Rietema is seeing his sons, Brandt and Cooper, interact with Annika. “I’d say the best part is just seeing my two boys love on her by wanting to kiss her head and hold her,” said Rietema.

However, it can be difficult as well. “I think the most challenging part is probably just adjusting to having three kids instead of two and the demands of a baby because they are so needy,” said Rietema. “My wife does a great job with that, and she bears a lot of that responsibility since she is home all day with them, but it’s not an easy job.”

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