Larson enters music competition

by Bethany Spencer

Music is an essential part of life for senior Katie Larson, who has been singing and writing songs since she was ten. In 2017 she released an album, New Beginnings, on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. “Music is a way to express that which cannot be said. I hope to use this outlet of emotion to help others through tough times and encourage them through the good ones” she said.

Recently Larson participated in the “Off The Beaten Track” contest, sponsored by Shure Incorporated. Dodie Clark, a youtuber that she cites as one of her inspirations, posted a video promoting the contest, and Larson decided to enter.

Requirements of the contest included performing an original song and filming a video in an unusual location. Larson chose to perform “Beautiful,” a song she wrote in 2015. The video features Larson sitting on the edge of her bathtub singing and playing ukulele.

The winner of the contest will receive $5,000 worth of Shure microphone equipment and a trip to Los Angeles to record their song at Capitol Records studio. The first round of the contest was open to the public to vote, and Larson received 151 votes. The second round of competition will be made up of 20 artists, and will be determined by Shure. The artists advancing to this round will be announced at a later date.

Larson’s entry can be accessed at the following link:





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