PC students celebrate Easter with various traditions

by Claire Milligan


“Usually my aunt comes to our house for Easter weekend, and we all decorate eggs together. Aunt Stacie always brings these super fancy decorating tools, so we make our eggs look amazing,” – senior Mara Juffer






“Well we have an easter egg hunt and only me and my nephew are allowed to hunt for eggs and this is his second year and he’s 1 and if you think I’m going to go easy on him then ya you’re wrong,” – junior Morgan Fopma






“We go to church in the morning, and then we go to my grandparents house for a big meal, and then we play games and talk for a little white until we do our Easter egg hunt, which everyone who is 12 years old or younger gets to look for eggs,” – senior Jakob Van Vark





“Eat food,” – freshman Cody Boender








“Go on an Easter egg hunt with the fam and eat good food,” – freshman Bailey Roose







“We (i.e. cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents) usually pull out the Easter eggs that contain symbols of the story of Jesus’ life before, during, and after he was crucified. Also, though all of us are middle-school-aged and up, we still hunt for Easter eggs because CANDY,” – freshman Emma Kolb





My whole extended family gets together at my grandma’s house and we have a huge adult Easter egg hunt. The little kids have their own tiny one, but then the adults get to find nearly 150 eggs with money and candy hidden in them. We then add up the money everyone got and we play a homemade version of “Let’s Make a Deal” to win prizes that my grandma creates (anywhere from food to prizes)!” – sophomore Halie Vermillion



“Every year, we have our entire extended family come to our house for a big Easter dinner. After that, we hide eggs for all the little children. And I say ‘hide’ but I really mean- throw some eggs into the grass and hope the three year olds can find them,” – freshman Elizabeth Brouwer

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