Student Tweets

by: Mary Kate Bandstra /

“They told us it would go by fast… but didn’t tell us how fast.” -Senior Hayden Vroom‏/@HaydenVroom

“‘What’s the name of the fish who gets lost in Finding Nemo?’- My Mother” -Sophomore Max Wichhart/@MaxWchhart

“You know you live in Iowa when your stats class discussions consist of fishing and raising cattle ” -Senior Abbi‏ Gosselink/@abbikay25

“Retweet if you think @HaydenVroom should be a 5th year senior at Pella Christian next year!” -Freshman Zach De Vries‏/@VriesZach

“Jesus pulled the best April Fools prank ever #HeIsRisen-Sophomore Lindsay Breon/@LindsayBreon

“I’m so depressed that I’m not on a beach right now that I just cleaned my room wearing a bikini #springbreak2k18” -Freshman Allison Van Gorp‏/@allison3923

“Take time to do the things that inspire you.”-Sophomore Sierra‏ Pleima/@sieple

“I’m at Skyzone playing dodgeball w a bunch of 13 yr old boys & got the W for our team (got the last kid out in a 1v1 showdown) Anyway I yell “victory royale all day” & they all look at me with big eyes like idk if it was my gnarly bullet throw or Fortnite line but I felt cool ok” -Junior Mary Kate Bandstra‏/@MaryKateBand

“*at the movies* Avery Baugh: Are there cameras here? Me: Yeah why? Avery: Cuz I just drank out of the soda fountain.” -Freshman Adrienne Vander Molen‏/@advandermolen

“Spring break just got me so ready for summer let’s goooo”-Junior Sawyer Meinders/@sawyer_meinders

“Spring is just another winter but without snow.” -Sophomore Max Wichhart/@MaxWchhart


One thought on “Student Tweets

  • April 12, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    SO true Max and Yes Zach Hayden should be a 5th year senior at PCHS


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