Branderhorst loves cheering for, helping PC athletic teams

by Jared DeVries

While some faces have been at PC for decades, others are much more recent arrivals. One of these is Activities Director Dan Branderhorst, who is working his second year here. Yet he has a great history in both schooling and athletics.

Branderhorst graduated from PCHS in 2001 and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Iowa State University in 2005, after which he got his Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix in 2010. Next he taught for three years at PCGS, first as a fifth grade teacher and then as a middle school math teacher and middle school lead teacher, before starting at PCHS. “Pella Christian High School is a fantastic school,” said Branderhorst. “I love being able to work with great people who are here because of their passion for education and love for students.”

His job includes a multitude of tasks. He must communicate with coaches and other athletic directors, schedule events, prepare contracts for officials, analyze budgets, and many more. “I am passionate about education, coaching, and athletics,” said Branderhorst. “This job ties all three together.”

Although he does not enjoy dealing with conflicts in scheduling, many other aspects of his work appeal to him. “I love to cheer for our teams! It’s great to be able to serve coaches, help students and get involved with our programs,” he said.

His wife, Amy, is a fellow PC graduate of 2001. They have two children, Deacon in 5th grade and Lexi Jo in 3rd grade. Along with walking and riding bicycles with his wife, he takes pleasure in many sports related activities. “I enjoy playing golf, basketball, and pickleball, as well as attending college football and basketball games,” said Branderhorst.

Branderhorst believes that every part of education should demonstrate that it is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. “It is my goal to model that worldview so that coaches and students understand that our activities are a platform for worship.” he said. “I need to lead in a way that encourages our students to use their gifts to have an impact in God’s world.”


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