PC gamers compete for ‘Victory Royale’

by Abbie Altena


The free online game Fortnite is a hot topic recently, with its 45 million+ players and almost $2 million of daily revenue, making it one of the most popular games right now.

The game consists of 100 players at a time. Players begin in a flying bus and skydive onto the island. Once players are on the island, they battle to the death. Players search for weapons and materials so they can kill and build to be on high ground. Players can also hide in bushes. The island gets smaller and smaller throughout the game and the last player alive wins.

A little over half of PC students play Fortnite on a regular basis or occasionally. Students find the rush of winning and the competitive aspect of Fortnite addicting. “Once you play you can’t stop playing, unless you get really mad and lose a lot, but once you lose, you think, ‘I can do better next round’ so then you keep playing until you get MAD DUBS!!” said senior Jakob Van Vark.  

Some students get so addicted that they have played for up to 15 hours straight, and several students have spent up to 600+ hours overall playing Fortnite. Students spend their time on Fortnite for a variety of reasons including hanging out with friends, getting out aggression, and just relaxing.

“I love the team work it takes when you play the game. This game has something that others don’t give you. It’s basically a thrill seeker game,” said junior Jayden Huisman. “Nothing like the feeling of a ‘Victory Royale’.”

Seeing the display of “Victory Royale” on their screen when they win is a highlight for other players too.“I like, no, LOVE, the feeling of Victory Royale,” said senior Hayden Vroom.

While many students enjoy playing Fortnite, some refuse to play the game because they believe Fortnite is a waste of time and just another game promoting violence. “To be honest, humanity thirsts for violence, and this is why we have all these shooting games. But what could possibly be more fun than killing people with no purpose?” said freshman Elizabeth Brouwer. “So that you can have the false sense of accomplishment of defeating 99 other players. Our standards have lowered beyond recovery.”

Fortnite continues to be a popular game played by teenagers across the nation. “The rarity of winning makes it feel like you are actually talented if you do it. It’s like the lottery except you win pride. Combine that with being able to play with friends and it’s awesome,” said junior Will Dembski.


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