PC students weigh in on their favorite schedules throughout the week



Isabella Baugh


Lucas Bandstra

Pella Christian has been bombarded with various schedules throughout this school year. There is now a different schedule for every day of the week, with various opinions on which one is the best. Nearly 80% of students either like or do not mind the variety of schedules, while 20% would prefer fewer, more consistent schedules.

Mondays include a long noon hour with intramurals. A recent study showed that 95% of students either want more IMs or just like having a long noon hour on intramural days. Over 40.1% of students believe that IMs is the best one offered throughout the week and that we should have this schedule more than once. “It gives us plenty of time with our peers and tons of social interaction. Plus it is a nice break halfway through the day,” said one student. Even if student don’t participate in IM’s, 46.4% still appreciate the long noon hours to hang out.

On Tuesday, the schedule switches between chapels and Discipleship Groups every other week, which over a third of students thinks works out well.  D-Groups every week would be welcomed by 35.3% of the student body, whereas 28.8% think we should have more chapels. “I think D-Groups should be every week. It would give them a better rhythm and allow for more in-depth relationships and discussions,” said a student.

However, others prefers chapels. “I like them (Discipleship Groups), but I think we should have them less because I grow more from chapel than I do from D-groups, and I feel like I learn more from chapel. I feel like D Groups should still be a thing, maybe just not as often,” said one student.

On Wednesdays, students are given a 2:30 early dismissal, while the teachers attend meetings. Over 90% of students said they appreciated the early out. “I like to get out early. It gives me more time to work on homework and do what I need to do at home,” said a student.

The schedule for Thursday’s has been constantly changing throughout the year. Thursdays in the beginning of the year had 25 minute PASS periods in the mornings to give students time to catch up on homework. Now students have PASS in the mornings, and a shorter IM’s period after lunch in the afternoons. Two-thirds of students appreciate the compromise, while one-third would still prefer to have a longer noon hour.  “I appreciate IMs for entertainment, but also PASS time to study or do homework if I need to,” said a student.

Fridays are the days of the week reserved for chapels. Out of twenty Fridays in the second semester, less than half were dedicated to the chapel schedule due to short weeks and special activities. “I like having chapels on Friday, and I think it is important to have them at least once a week since we go to a Christian school,” commented a student.

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