Despite losses golfers look at season positively

by Sienna Attema

Although several of the golfers are returning from last year, some of those who are new to the team have never played before. Bad weather has limited the number of golf meets for the ten PC golfers and their new coach, Bible teacher Joel Rietema. He has chosen to look at this season positively despite losses. “We’ve only been eligible for 3 meets and we are 0-3. But it’s really not about the record for us,” said Rietema

Along with Rietema most of the golfers have chosen to look at the season optimistically. “At the start of the season we were pretty rough and most of our guys had never even golfed before. However, we have improved quite a bit and we are beginning to reach the point where we can actually compete with others in meets,” said sophomore Ross De Zwarte.

Students joined golf for a number of reasons, including getting a P.E. credit or for a challenge. “Ultimately I joined to try something new. Also, I’ll be able to beat all my friends when I retire,” said junior Kyle Howey.

Many golfers enjoy the challenge of golf and improving their swing. “It takes so much technique and it can be very frustrating but after enough practice, going to play 9 holes on a Saturday is always a great time,” said De Zwarte.


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