Overtime, vacations, sports, tornado and safety highlight summer 2018

Traveling to nationals with the clay target team, eating cookies at the Iowa State Fair, working overtime, sheltering from a tornado that damaged the Vermeer facility and finally reading about Mollie Tibbetts’ disappearance and death made the summer of 2018 one to remember.   Click on the links below to read more about how students and staff at PC spent their summer break.

Summer Sports

The Clay Target team ended their most successful season since the program began in 2012, with individuals and teams placing in both state and national competitions in June and July, according to coach Danielle Pinegar. Softball and baseball teams also finished their seasons, with a player from each team being chosen for an All-State position.

Jobs, State Fair, Vacations

Through a recent survey to PC students and staff, we heard more about their summer activities.  One out of five students worked over 40 hours this summer, but over half of the student body took time to visit the Iowa State Fair, and Colorado was the number one vacation destination.

Summer Conferences

For many, summer is a time to travel and relax. Others use this time to expand their horizons and knowledge by attending conferences around the U.S. 


Almost 25% of PC students and staff have a family member that works at Vermeer, and others had to shelter in other locations because of the tornado.  Principal Dan Van Kooten watched the tornado bypass PCHS, and thankfully, fewer than 10% of students reported any damage to their own homes or property.

Safety in a small town

The disappearance and death of Mollie Tibbetts in Brooklyn, Iowa, has raised questions for many about how safe we feel and how to stay safe.  About a third of female students and a fourth of male students say they have been in situations where they felt threatened, whether they lived in town, on the edge of town or in the country.  What are some ways to stay safe?

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