Weird News: Bananas can get you in a bunch of trouble

by Abbie Altena

Many institutions rely on donations to keep costs down. These contributions are often an unexpected gift and can be a nice surprise for the recipients.

According to several news sources, a Texas prison recently received a donation of 45 boxes of bananas from an organization in Freeport, Texas. The Wayne Scott Unit Prison officers were unloading the bananas when one of them thought there was something not right about the boxes’ contents.

After opening one of the boxes the officers discovered packages of a “white powdery substance” under the first layer of bananas. After inspection they discovered 540 packages of cocaine worth nearly $18 million.

Bananas have been a popular disguise for smuggling cocaine over the last few years.

According to Business Insider, last year in Spain officials retrieved 2000 pounds of cocaine in a one shipment of bananas and two months later found 57 fake bananas used to smuggle cocaine in a shipment from Africa. Also in 2017, Romanian authorities confiscated 2.3 tons of cocaine found in banana crates.

According to UPI, 850 pounds of cocaine were found in banana boxes, in Berlin, Germany, headed to grocery stores in 2015.

Sometimes a gift is “a-PEEL-ing” but can cause a BUNCH of trouble.

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