Food industry provides prime part-time jobs for students

by Claire Milligan

Anyone looking for some extra cash? Whether it’s saving for college, paying for all your fast food, or just having some spending money for you and your friends, getting a job is the perfect solution. Over half of the PC students have a part-time job, and over 70% are making $9 an hour or more.

While working during the school year isn’t ideal for everyone, whether that be because of extra-curriculars or other circumstances, employment definitely has some perks. Almost a third of those surveyed work 1-5 hours a week, while almost half work 6-15 hours a week.

Jaarsmas Bakery is one of the many businesses that employ student workers like senior Brianna Jansen and sophomore Katherine Wielard.

Students can find a part-time job in Pella at about any business, but low pay, a rough working environment, or an inflexible schedule can make working a bad experience. PC students recently rated various part-time jobs in Pella according to the pay, environment, and flexibility. The following businesses were identified by students as being most student friendly.

If you’re looking to make the most cash, experience a friendly environment, and obtain flexible hours, then Prime Country BBQ is the place to work. Junior Elijah Vos enjoys his time there making $15 an hour. “The best thing about working there is the free food,” said Vos.

The food service industry seems to be a good fit for most student workers. Both Country Catering and Central Market were mentioned by students as great places to work. At Country Catering, you can expect $10, and the only con is getting your meal late. “I arrive to my job at Country Catering around 3:00, and then I don’t get to eat until around 7:30. All the while, I can smell the food and I’m giving it to other people. It’s like food withdrawal,” said sophomore Elizabeth Brouwer.

While Country Catering pays a dollar more, at Central Market you can eat before the meal. “The managers are very kind and work very well with my schedule. They always help me out and don’t really get mad at me when anything bad happens,” said senior Jaydon Vande Noord. “I also get full access to pretty much everything on Central’s campus with my employee card.”

But if the food industry isn’t the thing for you, and you enjoy the comfort of the elderly, look to The Cottages for an application. Working as a CNA is friendly, flexible, $12 an hour, and a very rewarding job. “I love getting to know the elderly residents,” said junior Abigail Gosselink. “You get to make relationships with them and learn so much about them.” However the work can very hard and dirty at times, as well as emotionally tiring, according to Gosselink.

So instead of nagging parents for some extra cash, look at some of these great places to work and make it yourself.

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