Oklahoma! to take the stage on October 25

by Sienna Attema


PC’s Theatre Troupe is performing Oklahoma! on October 25, 26, and 27. From all the great musicals that exist, director Marlo Van Peursem has to choose just one. “I wanted to return to a classic and this show is celebrating its 75th year since it was first performed on Broadway! It’s fun, has energetic dancing, and of course some great tech effects,” said Van Peursem.

Oklahoma! stands out from the rest of the musicals because of the dance routines. One of Van Peursem’s favorite routines has 14 students dancing in tap shoes. “One of our dances includes a creative, artistic dance in the show’s signature “Dream Ballet,” which of course includes a fun fight scene. There is great singing, colorful costumes, and a turning windmill on stage,” said Van Peursem.

Junior Halie Vermillion’s favorite part about performing in a musical is seeing everyone’s hard work pay off and it all come together. “We spend so much time blocking and choreographing that when it all comes together, you are in makeup and costume and you can perform for an audience, is when you really realize how greatly God has blessed our theater program and those overseeing it,” she said.

Before the performance everyone on stage needs to work on confidence, especially the leads. “We have memorized lines, songs, and choreography at this point, but we just need to own it. People still hold back a bit, but we gotta make sure we put it all out there for the crowd,” said junior Colby De Vries.

Tickets for the musical cost $10 for adults and $6 for students, but PC students receive one free ticket. Starting on October 15 tickets are for sale at the PCHS office during regular office hours or by calling 628-4440.

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