Wojczynski broadens school horizons

Lucas Bandstra


Activities such as tailgating before games, Chaos Day, and starting a new school Instagram page are a few of the new things students at PC are experiencing this year as the school attempts to broaden its horizons.

The new vice principal, Greg Wojczynski, is the man responsible for these changes. Wojczynski is taking many of these new activities from his previous school, Central Valley Christian in California, where he was principal.

A student from team Iron Man competes in the cow tongue relay.

Before the home football game against PCM, Pella Christian tried its first all-school tailgate, with games, food, music, and face painting. New student section t-shirts were handed out by Student Council as well. “The first all school tailgate was definitely a success. It was great to see students from all grades show up and have fun playing games together,” said senior Beau Risley.

PC’s first ever “Chaos Day” certainly lived up to its name. Discipleship Groups around the school paired up guys and girls groups to make 8 teams, with each team having a superhero to represent. After lunch, students headed out to the football field to compete in games like the cow tongue relay, where they had to pass the cow tongues, donated by Ulrich’s Meat Market, in a line as fast as they could. The gauntlet race was another popular game in which students had to run in a line and avoid yoga balls being kicked and at them from all angles.

Starting a new school Instagram page and mass school text messages are new tech options that were added for the student body this school year. The “pc_eagles_nest” on Instagram is one new way for the school to connect to students and their parents about upcoming school activities, scores and themes for games, and other school events. Mass text messages are another quick, effective way the school can connect with students.

Wojczynski started these new things because he likes to see students having fun, but he also has other motives.  “I think it’s important for kids to have ways of celebrating being kids or encouraging each other,” he said. “There is a direct correlation to when students are having fun and enjoying school and academic success.”

These new ideas being introduced to our school this year are all great ideas. For a school who is sometimes hesitant to change, it is great to see both our staff and students step out of their comfort zone. In today’s modern world, having resources like social media pages and mass text messages seem not only convenient, but essential. “All of these news ideas being introduced to our school this year are great. I like that our school is willing to change and try some new activities like tailgating and Chaos Day this year,” said senior Ben Vos.

Way to go Pella Christian, and thank you Mr. Wojczynski for all of the new ideas.


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