October Shoutouts

by Bethany Spencer/betspen@pceaglescry.org

Recognizing good deeds, acts of kindness, jobs well done . . .

“Shoutout to Ivy Terpstra for being the strongest farmer girl known to mankind.”

“Alicia Van Kooten makes me laugh so hard that I’m fairly certain I have abs.”

“If Kelly Van Wyk has a quizlet, I’m going to get an A.”

“Katelyn Vos is so amazing and has saved my academic career more times than I can count. She has helped me with so many other things that she may as well be my mother! Love you Kate!”

“3rd period study hall is better then every study hall! Let’s go baby!”

“I LOVE PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Shoutout to Rochelle, Mrs. Van Wyk, and the entire sophomore class.”

“Emma Stravers does so much. Not only is she the student dance choreographer for the musical, but she is also one of my best friends. She is always there for me and I do not know what I would do without her. She has such a caring heart and puts so much time and energy into the musical, and I think she deserves to be recognized for it. I love her so much!”

“Shout out to Mrs. Faber for applying for the DNR’s tree grant project.  Her grant was accepted, so we’ll plant 50 new trees on campus!”

“Shout out to Marijka Michmershuizen for creating opportunities for us to serve other people through the pop can tabs and the volunteer poster tabs.”

“Shout out to Emma Stravers for her chapel.”

“Kara Van Wyk has been extremely helpful to me. She has been willing to stay after school to help set up for events and help me stay organized.”

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