Do you think that homecoming should be moved to fall?

by Sienna Attema

A recent survey showed that 45% of PC students feel homecoming should stay as it is in basketball season (February), while 55% feel it should be moved to football season (October).  Here are some reasons for their opinions:

“No, I like that our school can be a little different than everyone else. Its kinda nice to have some more fun things in January when it is a stressful month rather than the fall when we have a lot of breaks,” said senior Zara Pippel.
“Yes, all other schools get to do it during football season, and I think that we are more a football school now than a basketball school,” said junior Maclane Heinen.
“No, I love the up-closeness of homecoming during the basketball season. I think that the basketball court is much easier to see the lip syncs rather than a football field which is much further away,” said freshman Nia Hoekstra.
“I honestly don’t care when it is, but in the fall, we could be able to do more activities like powderpuff football and volleyball for guys. It is fun to have homecoming during basketball season too though because playing in the homecoming game brings a great crowd and has an awesome environment,” said junior Jack Vermeer.
“Yes, because the fall has better weather for us to be able to more activities and such like powder puff football. Also I think we are the only school in existence that has it during basketball season,” said senior Kyle Fynaardt.
“Yes, it is when everyone else has it, and it is at a better time than in the middle of the winter,” said freshman Carter Vos.
“No, I feel like fall is soooo busy. School has just started and theater is going on, along with XC, football, volleyball, and other extra curriculars. If we moved Homecoming to football season, it would make it even more busy. I like having our homecoming in the winter because theater has finished, and basketball is the only major sport,” said sophomore Elizabeth Brouwer.
“Yes, when I found out what homecoming was I figured it was during the football season so I was a little disappointed to find out it was during the basketball season,” said sophomore Reyna Worthington.

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