Weird News: Man bombards mom with sausages

by Abbie Altena

The Florida police recently arrested a man who bombarded his mother with sausages. What a brat!

According to the several news sources, Hermes Callijas-Gasperin repeatedly threw sausages at his mom after she bumped into him.

The altercation all began when 22-year-old Callijas-Gasperin ordered his mother to make him some food. While in the process of making the food, she accidentally bumped into him, provoking him to pelt her with sausages, put his hands forcefully on her neck and shove her.

When questioned, Callijas-Gasperin claimed, if his mom would have just apologized he would not have gotten angry. He was later charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery and could serve up to a year of jail time, along with a 500 feet. restraining order with his mother.

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